Avian Flu Fright – Politically Timed for Global Latrogenocide

On the off chance that avian influenza turns out to be in excess of an undermined pandemic, it will have done as such by political and monetary plan. This theory is upheld by current monstrous media deceptions, profiteering on dangerous and useless antibodies, net disregard of information confirming prior comparable man-made plaques including SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and that is just the beginning; continuation of hereditary examinations reproducing more freak seasonal viruses prone to flare-up, inside exchanging outrages including pandemic keen White House and medication industry authorities, curious insusceptibility of these drug elements over the previous century to law requirement and established press investigation, and distributed authority elimination destinations. With the disclosures and affirmations progressed thus, the general population is cautioned against this doctor helped mass homicide best named iatrogenocide.* This destructive burden is relied upon to serve basically financial and political termination destinations.


In April, 2003, a social trial called SARS, said to have shown up from Asia, vigorously struck Toronto. I was there all through the vast majority of this Asian influenza anticipating dismay. This unusual new pneumonia-like disease was named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome usagag politics. It was supposed to be the most recent danger in a continuous arrangement of assaults on humankind by mysteriously changing supergerms.

A cautious investigation of the logical and clinical sociological corresponds and precursors of this episode uncovered something not right unmistakably more insidious than SARS. I basically considered Toronto’s media response as any Harvard-prepared general wellbeing master in media influence social science may. The scourge had all the reserves of a novel social test directed by middle class bioterrorist.

It appeared clear to me that this phenomenal populace control adequately instilled the mass psyche on the side of a terribly incapable, but enacted, general wellbeing reaction ahead of time of the appearance of the Big One. Throughout the SARS Scam,(1) rehashed references were made to natural specialists that may encourage devastation of around a third to half of the total populace. Having broadly inspected political populace control writing and contemporary goals of driving worldwide industrialists, I noticed these forecasts were in close keeping with current authority populace decrease objectives.(2)

Canada’s reaction to SARS in 2003 was, without precedent for history, coordinated by the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO). Having checked on the private monetary and authoritative ties between these associations, the Rockefeller family, Carnegie Foundation, and the world’s driving medication producers, the fox, basically, ruled over Canada’s chickens.