Quickly and efficiently get the cleaning done at post tenancy

Your tenancy has come to an end and you have got everything ready and packed but there is one thing to do and that is to get your deposit back. Among the conditions on your contract states that the property ought to be left in a condition as when you moved in, which just means you have got some cleaning to do. The Fastest way to return a property as it was when you moved in and best is to focus of the areas that the landlord is very likely to inspect. To help speed the end of tenancy cleaning procedure up, make certain that the property is armed and vacant with a broom, a vacuum cleaner, your cleaner, wipes fabrics and liners, let’s get to work. Oh I nearly forgot; another thing you may need this is optional off course is some music to work to; I find that this helps to make the clean-up seem less like a chore. So Together with radio station or your music blasting through earphones or your mind let us find the cleaning and take 1 room at a time started!

post tenancy cleaning

Cobwebs and dusting

Use you brush or vacuum cleaner to eliminate any cobwebs and use microfiber fabrics or the wipes to wipe down polishes. Don’t forget to wipe off any finger print marks and use you bin liner to collect wipes that are used and any crap you find.

Vacuum or sweep

Having Started at the peak of the area by getting rid of the cobwebs etc. we have worked our way to the floor, where all of the dust and dirt has collected and we all must do now is just sweep it away or vacuum it up. Then is an excellent chance if the premises have post tenancy cleaning. Which hasn’t been cleaned in some time and we will deal with this.

Kitchen Cleaning

When the appliances and furnishings in this area haven’t been cleaned during your tenancy and is one be ready to break into a sweat. This ought to be simple if cleaning was kept up on a regular basis, all surfaces will required wiping down. Special attention has to be paid into the interior and out of the kitchen units, refrigerator, microwave oven, and stove this includes the oven, the extractor fan and hood. Make certain that the kitchen sink is lime scale free use a lime scale removal cleaning product or just use baking soda and vinegar instead.


This is another area that requires care, so make sure it is left and gets to work with that cleaner fabrics and wipes that are multi-purpose lime scale free sparkling clean and disinfected. Outside the toilet and Wash the inside cabinets, the tub, basin, mirrors and the surfaces as with all the kitchen if cleaning has been completed this ought to be fast and easy.