Searching for Excellent Back Pain Treatment Singapore: Here It Is

Back pain is prevalent among most people and nearly everyone has some kind of back pain once in a lifetime, especially now due to changing lifestyle. While normal or acute backpain is not a cause of worry, chronic pains should not be ignored. If back pain lasts for three months or longer, then it is considered chronic. It can be frequent, sometimes leaving you frustrated. You should find back pain treatment Singapore to get rid of the consistent pain.

Causes of chronic backpain

While some chronic pain is because of age or resulting from a previous injury. Some of the most common reasons are listed here:

  • Spine arthritis (thinning of cartilage in the spine)
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Disc problems like bulging or herniated disc
  • Unexplained tenderness and pain of muscles

Ways to know if backpain is serious

How to know if your back pain is serious or not, is one of the most common questions that people ask. Here are some of the symptoms that can tell you that you should contact a specialist:

  • Persisting pain for more than a week
  • Radiation of pain through body parts
  • Abnormal weight loss
  • A sensation of tingling and numbness in legs and arms
  • Bowel and bladder incontinence
  • Weakness

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