Employment disputes Singapore: The Legal Firm

It can be said that individual labor disputes should be resolved voluntarily between the parties as much as possible. If it can be resolved amicably, there is a possibility that the employment relationship can be continued even after the dispute is resolved, and there is no extra time or expense. In this way, the method of discussion with only the parties concerned is called voluntary negotiation, and it is considered to be the first step in the procedure for resolving individual labor disputes. For this reason, it is common for parties havingĀ employment disputes singapore to first engage in voluntary negotiations and seek an agreement.

So, how exactly should voluntary negotiations proceed?

Let’s check the detailed flow and precautions in this article. Individual labor disputes are disputes that arise between individual workers and employers over labor issues. To put it simply, it is a labor dispute between a worker and a company. There are many cases where there are disputes, mainly about the dismissal, wage cuts, and internal bullying.

To resolve disputes as quickly and amicably as possible, it is undesirable to suddenly resort to court cases or external organizations. These procedures are time-consuming, expensive, and burdensome for the company. Therefore, first, negotiate directly with the worker and look for a clue to a solution.

In the case of individual labor disputes, there are three types of negotiations:

  • Negotiations with the workers themselves
  • Negotiating through lawyers
  • Collective bargaining

Therefore, business owners are required to take appropriate measures according to the negotiating partner. However, voluntary negotiations are not necessarily the workers themselves. This is because workers may set up agents to avoid negotiating with the company on their own.