Here is the electricity tariff Singapore explained to you!

Electricity is one of the essential services for all individuals. Many rely on it for most of their daily needs, like surviving the weather, washing clothes, running their devices, and much more. The policy changes will not affect customers purchasing electricity from a retailer in Singapore. SP Group will still run the country’s power grid and provide electricity to customers. Here is a brief introduction to the system of electricity tariff singapore.

Process of accessing electricity

Today, natural gas is used to generate around 95% of Singapore’s power. Natural gas is the fuel used to generate electricity in the power plants run by manufacturing firms.

Through SP Group’s operation of the national power system, generated electricity is delivered to consumers (via its SP PowerGrid). Power is purchased in bulk from several wholesale electricity sellers by electricity retailers and SP Group (via its subsidiary SP Services) to provide power to consumers.

Here is the electricity tariff Singapore explained to you!

The twin power grid

To increase the dependability of its electricity supply and promote the adoption of greener energy sources, Singapore is creating a “digital twin,” or a computer clone, for the original assets and network.

The large-scale digital twin developed in partnership with government organizations, business leaders, and researchers will provide authorities with a more thorough overview of the nation’s original network system. It is now at a prototype stage, as communicated by SP Group and the EMA, or Energy Market Authority.

According to SP, research and development work will be finished by 2023, and the newly developed solution will be implemented steadily.