What Is Different About A Fire Rated Door?

Doors are an important component of any room or enclosed space. One can even say that a room is incomplete without a door. The door completes the architecture, but it also provides a sense of security and privacy to the people inside the enclosed space. The doors are common to find no matter wherever you go. It also marks the boundary that one area has ended and that the other area has started to move accordingly. But nowadays, doors are not only limited to their basic purpose. There are new additions to the material used to make doors, which makes them strong and durable. For example, the fire rated door design.

Fire-rated door

Even the doors come with better specialties these days. Specifically, now some doors are made specially to ensure that they are intact and strong even if the door’s body catches fire. New material is used to make these doors, making them fireproof and safe for use. Doors like these are popular in commercial spaces, which need maximum things that remain unharmed even in emergencies.

fire-rated door

Well tested

The fire-rated doorsamples are well-tested and studied before launching among the public. There are multiple stages of testing involved to ensure that there is no point of carelessness or scope of mistake left that can hamper the safety of the people in times of fire. These doors are quite relied upon. Moreover, now they are being used extensively by many commercial spaces to maximise safety and damage control in unfortunate circumstances.